The Latest Demolition Progress

concentrating on the front. 

Part II of the aerial video documentation of the demolition of the old Schneider's factory in Kitchener, Ontario shows that the majority of the rear has now been removed. Crews are now concentrating on the front of the structure facing Courtland Avenue.

Schneider Site Demolitionjpg

Site Preparation for Development

Grey Area to be removed. 

The transformation from the Schneider’s Plant to a mixed use neighbourhood will begin in early 2018.

Phase one of the record of site conditions began in the first week of January and included borehole drilling and soil testing. Demolition of the old industrial buildings will begin in late winter – early spring. The buildings from the office tower over to Palmer Avenue will be removed as shown on the photograph above. A demolition contractor will be retained by Auburn Developments to complete the demolition in order to meet the requirements from the City of Kitchener.

Additional information on building demolition will be posted on this website as it becomes available.


Proposed demolition plan

Demolition Plan.jpg


Prior to any demolition, an engineer will visit the site to review and approve our demolition plan.

The following is a step by step process of our demolition plan and methodology.

1) At the beginning of each day, our safety personnel will review the site and ensure that there is no loose equipment or tools and that all workers have the proper safety training and safety gear.

2) We will remove all non-load bearing parts of the building, this will include drywall, doors, crates, processing equipment, steel racks, and electrical services.

3) We will be using a "high reach" excavator with a variety of attachments depending on the job. We will be starting at the higher levels and working our way towards the bottom floor in a systematic manner. The demolition will begin with the waste water treatment facility that is located towards the southwest end of the property close to the CN Rail Line.

4) Next we will take down the powerhouse, this is located in the middle of the property and has three walkways entering into it, these will be taken down with the powerhouse. 

5) The processing plant will be taken down starting at the Palmer Street end and working our way towards Borden Ave. and from the CN Rail Line side of the building working our way towards Courtland Ave. the image above shows how we will work our way through this demolition. 

6) We will be following the appropriate dust control measures and will use devices to prevent dust from entering the surrounding neighbourhood.

7) There will be no explosives used for this demolition.

8) All demolition operators and labourers are trained in asbestos awareness to identify any hidden materials.

The following equipment will be used on site:

-Demolition equipped excavators with shears, grapples, hammers, and buckets

-Demolition equipped high reach excavators with shear

-Rock trucks, loaders, skidsteers

-Dump trucks