Auburn Developments is proposing a compact, mixed-use redevelopment of the former Schneider’s site The development will be a true mixed-use addition to the neighbourhood, including a range of low, mid and high-rise housing options; street-fronting retail spaces; and opportunities for a diversity of space for different employment uses. The non-residential uses will include opportunities for retaining and repurposing some of the existing buildings on the site to create distinct, vibrant commercial spaces. Public streets will extend onto the site in a fashion that connects the existing neighbourhood fabric and breaks up the large site into smaller development blocks. These new urban streets will set the basis for a tree-lined public realm accommodating walking and cycling through the site. Complementing the public streets, a publicly-accessible series of parks and plazas that run north-south through the development will be a public realm focal point for the development and the surrounding neighbourhood. Collectively the development will be tied together with sustainable approaches and green infrastructure for site and building design.


Intent of Applications

 Auburn is proposing the redevelopment of the former Schneiders site in Kitchener as a large scale, mixed-use redevelopment that will transform the site in keeping with the direction of the City of Kitchener’s recently approved PARTS Rockway Plan. Planning approvals are required prior to development progressing to achieve this vision. Auburn has submitted applications in May 2019 to the City of Kitchener for an Official Plan Amendment, a Draft Plan of Subdivision, and a Zoning By-law Amendment.

The Official Plan Amendment will change the policy designation for the site. The existing “General Industrial” designation reflects the site’s industrial past and does not reflect the intended vision for the area set by the Rockway PARTS Plan. The Amendment will change the site to new mixed-use, employment, residential, and park designations to reflect the intent and vision of the proposed development plan.

The Draft Plan of Subdivision will break the larger 10-plus hectare site into smaller blocks for development. It will establish new public streets through the site, including a new east-west public street into which the extensions of Kent Avenue and Palmer Avenue will connect. It will create a block for a new public park for the neighbourhood.  And it will create development blocks for the proposed residential and commercial buildings on the site.

The Zoning By-law Amendment will rezone to reflect the intent of the above Official Plan designation and Draft Plan boundaries. The existing “General Industrial (M2) Zone” on the site limits the site to industrial use and associated activities. The proposed zoning will change the site to mixed-use, residential and park zones, which will include site-specific provisions that are tailored to the proposed development plan.

Supporting Studies

The City requires a series of studies and reports on several topics as part of planning applications. Studies and reports concerning servicing (sewer and water), storm water management, noise and vibration (railway), traffic and traffic demand management, land use planning, and urban design were submitted as part of the planning applications to the City.  Below are links to several of the main reports for the applications.

Planning Justification Report

Urban Design Brief

Traffic Impact Study

Servicing Report

Stormwater Management Report

Neighbourhood Consultation

A Neighbourhood Information Meeting will be organized by the City as part of the planning applications. The City will send a notice of the receipt of the planning applications to all property owners within 120 meters of the property and will notify of the Meeting details. At this Meeting, the proposed development and applications will be presented and discussed in the interests of informing the consideration of the applications. Ultimately, the applications and staff recommendations are presented to the Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee (and onto City Council) for a decision. Details on the Neighbourhood Information Meeting and other consultant events hosted by Auburn will be posted on the “Public Meetings” section of this website when they become available.

Questions on the planning applications?

If you have any questions on the planning applications, you can email or call the planners working on the project. GSP Group is coordinating the applications on behalf of Auburn Developments. The City of Kitchener Planning Division coordinates the review the applications on behalf of the City and will be making recommendations to City Council. The contact information is below.

 GSP Group                                                           


Senior Planner


City of Kitchener

Garett Stevenson MCIP RPP


Planning Division

519-741-2200 x 7070